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Grow your business, income and impact with the Be Extraordinary Podcast; real conversations about business, leadership and personal development. We are three business partners united together with the mission of creating extraordinary lives.

We bring people together from all different backgrounds, with years of performance experience, to discuss successes and failures along their journey. What makes the difference between success and failure? We answer this question every week, bringing you impactful stories on the subject of personal achievement and success. Don’t settle for ordinary. Life was meant to… Be Extraordinary!

Join this community of extraordinary people doing extraordinary things. Being extraordinary; a personal philosophy and a way of life that epitomizes excellence in everything you do.

Taylor Young, Rob Erb and Brett Young together on the podcast
image Breet Young

Brett Young

A fishing enthusiast and self-proclaimed insurance nerd, feels most at home when he is on the water with his wife, Teeci and their 8-year-old son and 2 year old daughter. He considers himself a team builder and has enjoyed developing the Be Extraordinary Podcast alongside his brother, Taylor, and their partner and friend Rod.

image Rod Erb

Rod Erb

Rod, a former professional golfer and Michigan native, started the company Erb and Young Insurance in 2015 with his passion for sales and professional development. Outside of his work, raising his two kids with his wife Susan has been the most humbling and rewarding accomplishment of his life.

image Taylor Young

Taylor Young

A UCF basketball grad and Florida native, enjoys boating and weekends outdoors with his wife Pinky and their two children. He believes in the power of long-term relationships and that happy employees create a better customer experience.

Brett, Rod and Taylor started a scratch independent insurance agency a little over 10 years ago and have built that business into a multi-million dollar a year practice. They contribute any success that they have had to a disciplined practice of personal development. They believe that being around the right people, with the right information, with a strong enough reason to succeed is what creates extraordinary lives. The BEP has become a passion project for Brett, Rod and Taylor in an attempt to discover new ways, to not only elevate their own development, but create a community of like-minded people who desire the same thing.


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#54 –

Generating happiness!


thumb episode 29

#53- Be Extraordinary

Top producer clues!


Image episode 25

#52 –

Frame problems for progress!


thumb episode 29

#51 – Be Extraordinary

Run your race, not theirs!

thumb episode 29

#50 – Be Extraordinary

How defining moments shape a successful life!

Image episode 25

#49 –

Beginning of the year planning



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